The White Sox have conned me out of another $375

The White Sox have conned me out of another $375

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What would a having baseball blog be worth if I didn’t operate at a net loss by blowing copious amounts of money on tickets….and beer bought while using said tickets.

The 13-game Ozzie plan is actually down a bit in cost from last year for me despite an increase in prices across the board; which is almost undoubtedly due to a prodigious increase in Half-Price Mondays from 3 last season to 9 in 2011.  Being a member of the “can afford to head out to some White Sox games” economic class and not the “can afford to get extravagant about White Sox tickets” economic class, I took advantage of 8 of them.

The important thing is that White Sox Observer will be back at the stadium in 2011, which means more romanticizing seemingly insignificant moments, more first-hand accounts of Cubs-Sox brawls (I’m in the 5th row of the bleachers for a Wednesday-nighter of that series, I might have ‘riseabove’ on speed-dial), and some really, incoherent and rambling late-night recaps of at least 13 home games.

Before this blog started taking itself seriously and requiring things like a stat glossary, it was pitched to ChicagoNow as having more of fan perspective, with commentary about game experiences, and humorous anecdotes about beer vendors with oddly spelled names.  Given all the various and irrelevant-to-actual-baseball things I promised to discuss, I was a little surprised WSO got picked up; now 9 months in I realize that stuff is actually right up CN’s alley.  The less I say about that, heh, probably the better.

While I wouldn’t want to devolve too far into self-indulgent tripe, as the season starts to approach again and I can officially start preparing for games because I bought the tickets and all, there might be a few more fan-oriented pieces concerning ticket prices and deals, a narrative or two of some memorable game experiences, and yes–the piece I was born to write–an exhaustive guide of every type of beer they sell at U.S. Cellular Field.

ChicagoNow keeps sending out memos about bringing in contributors, so maybe there’ll even be a guest post at some point by my perennial accompaniment at games, my older sister.  I wouldn’t want to speculate, but if I had to guess at the title she’d pick, it’d be “Hot Mess: The Carlos Quentin Story”.

Sorry for the lazy post, I’ll write a wrap-up (only three more!) for Dan Hudson tomorrow night barring a car crash.  If you’re thirsty for some actual baseball knowledge, Jim Margalus wrote a piece that I forgot to link to last night about where Ramon Castro ranks amongst White Sox backup catchers of recent.

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  • Enjoy the ride.

    The ticket selling machine is rolling into high gear. Sox already announced the PRE-sales for 2011 single game tix:

    Also, look on yelp and facebook for the sox deals pages.

  • That profile picture is utterly terrific.

  • Thanks! My wife made that(she's a graphic designer by trade) in 2005.

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