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Yeah, there aren’t a lot of photo options for Alejandro

It occurred to me recently that the World Series might end soon, and I seriously need to hurry the hell up before all the next season’s projections start getting into the past tense super-hard.  There’s still no way I don’t fulfill my promise to review EVERY PLAYER (perhaps best evidenced by the fact I’m writing a De Aza review right now), but the fact that I’m going about so slowly that I’m missing legitimately amusing stories like a rumored Ozzie Guillen (probably worthless) for Mike Stanton (ohmygoshsogood) trade, is getting to me.

I don’t mean to be a super tease about doing a Quentin wrap-up, but it’s very late, J.J. of White Sox Examiner has his Quentin piece up right now, and you really don’t want me to write a Quentin article without getting a boatload of quotes from my sister first.  You really don’t.

Sure, all this unrrelated rambling might seem to indicate that a wrap-up for De Aza is as meaningless for me as it is for you, but you won’t be so smug when one our starting outfielders trips on a sprinkler head during warm-ups next season and Alejandro winds up making 80 starts, now will you?

Stat line: .300 BA, .323 OBP, .400 SLG, .723 OPS, 30 AB, 3 2B, 0 HR, 2 RBI, 7 R, 1 BB (3.1%), 4 SO (13.3%), 2 SB (66.7%), .318 wOBA, -0.8 UZR, 0.0 WAR

What did we expect?: Have we beaten the “Fegan didn’t know jack about the Sox farm system beyond the top 4 prospects coming into the season” theme into the ground yet?  No?  Fine.

From the 2010 preview:


A visual representation of Alejandro De Aza’s contributions to the 2010 White Sox

“Alejandro De Aza: Uh…he’s on the active roster…decent AAA
numbers….no, no, I am not wasting my time. This has taken forever to
write already.”

White Sox Observer – Maximum Effort

Alejandro is a 26-year old outfielder that the Sox claimed off waivers from the Marlins after two very spaced out and very underwhelming stints in the majors.  There’s a small chance that the ‘replacement level player’ is Alejandro De Aza.

The result: Well for starters, almost every stat can be thrown out due to small sample size…unless of course those stats pretty much mirror every thing his minor league numbers indicated about him.  He doesn’t have much power (27 HRs in over 2000 minor league at-bats), his good foot speed (18 for 22 SBs AAA+MLB) only makes him a passable outfielder (-0.4 pro career UZR), and his tendency to hit for high averages is drastically mitigated by his only having one walk in 32 plate appearances this season.

De Aza pulled of the incredible feat of not looking like he has anything significant to bring to the table, and not looking like he’d a be a liability at any point either.  He started a bunch of games, and impacted few of them either way.  If you got excited about Alejandro De Aza’s 2010, you’re probably his cousin.


…And this is a visual representation of Carlos Quentin’s

Love him or leave him?: Well, for the love of all that is holy, if Alejandro De Aza is a starter on your baseball team, things have gone horribly wrong (unless the other 8 starters are ALL Albert Pujols).  As a 4th outfielder, he represents a fairly uninspired, but probably pretty cheap option compared to trying to convince Andruw Jones to come fill the role perfectly again.

But if the White Sox are going to trim the fat, and all indications seem to be that they want to trim fat like Frank Thomas if he was forced to play center field, backup outfielder seems like a fairly palatable place.  A replacement player serving as a replacement player…it could be worse…

(man, that was a good-ass Carlos Quentin segue)

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