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White Sox player wrap-ups - Carlos Quentin

You knew it was going to be this picture If there’s a reason I put a “What did we expect?” section into all the wrap-ups (other than to lampoon my preposterous season preview), it’s to properly explain why Carlos Quentin’s good offense-terrible defense season provoked such volcanic rage amongst fans, pundits, and my sister and... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Alejandro De Aza

Yeah, there aren’t a lot of photo options for Alejandro It occurred to me recently that the World Series might end soon, and I seriously need to hurry the hell up before all the next season’s projections start getting into the past tense super-hard.  There’s still no way I don’t fulfill my promise to review... Read more »

White Sox fans, your World Series team is the San Francisco Giants

In a battle between two baseball franchises, one of which is pretty irrelevant (Rangers), and the other one is wholly irrelevant (Giants) to the White Sox, selecting a favorite comes down to a bunch of spotty, tangential arguments. Somehow, a clear winner emerges. The strongest spotty tangential argument could be made for the Giants over... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Andruw Jones

Hi Andruw! I still haven’t quite gotten worked up enough to address the season of Carlos Quentin yet.  That’ll require a heck of a lot of mental preparation.  It’ll take some Dunkin’ Donuts brand grounds in the coffee machine, a DVD of Evolution in Xbox (it makes me angry because it should have been a... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Alex Rios

Yes Alex, this concerns you. Alex Rios wore a lot of titles for the White Sox this season.  He was their only five-tool player, the most impressive athlete, the best waiver acquisition, the first decent centerfielder the team’s had since Aaron Rowand’s not-fully realized potential, and the owner of the most disappointing 2nd half. But... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Juan Pierre

Ah! I’m so old! The lactic acid bbbburrrrrnnnnnssssss!!!!!! My goodness, was Juan Pierre ever exactly what we thought he was. He did not disappoint, nor did he exceed expectations.  The most enthusiastic reviews will always be for players who exceeded expectations, and the most vitriolic diatribes will come for Carlo–uh, players who under-perform.  It takes... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Chris Sale & Lucas Harrell

On the mound, Chris is the opposite of laid-back. I’d go so far as to say he’s hunched over. Concluding our seemingly neverending series of bullpen wrap-ups are two rookie pitchers; one of whom had swift rise to the majors that was indicative of the Sox dire late-season bullpen situation, the other was the benefit... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Randy Williams and Erick Threets

Randy gets through the tougher moments on the mound thanks to the cool, refreshing taste of Rawlings leather This is probably the least sexy of the bullpen wrap-ups, chronicles of two journeymen left-hand relievers who saw their last best chances of a meaningful major-league career dashed on the rocks in 2010; one because of heartbreaking... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Tony Pena

Trivia Time!  Who pitched more innings in 2010; Tony Pena or Jake Peavy???  The answer….Jake Peavy…..but it was close! 1/3 of the way through this season wrap-up of Tony Pena, I’ll go down with an injury and be replaced in a pinch by Tony Pena     Stat Line: 100.2 IP, 5.10 ERA, 1.52 WHIP,... Read more »

White Sox player wrap-ups - Scott Linebrink & Carlos Torres

Our blushing subject A rundown of the seasons of two White Sox pitchers of sub-Major League quality. Well….not really…Scott Linebrink is Major League quality, he’s just really bad.  Does that make sense?  He belongs in the big leagues, but I would never ever want him on my team, and think he’s really terrible.  Is this... Read more »