Four-man rotation is the only option left for the White Sox

That is, if you’re still of the mind that the White Sox have options.

There should be no doubt at this point that Freddy Garcia has a significant injury that will keep him out of the rotation for some time.  That Freddy went 4 innings before having his back stiffen up, then went the entire week without symptoms, thought he was fine, then went out even sooner the next start does nothing but prove that Freddy Antonio Garcia, is not a doctor.

Are you a doctor Freddy?

I suppose not.

If that doesn’t convince you, perhaps these extremely worrisome quotes
via the best source of White Sox information, and shameless
organizational propaganda, Scott Merkin:

“Today, I felt very good [before the game],” Garcia said. “But I don’t
know what happened. We’ll see how I feel tomorrow. Maybe [I’ll take] a
couple days off and [not] do anything.”

Whenever Garcia lands with his left foot on delivery, he feels the
pinching in his back. It’s the same feeling when he leans forward.


Forget you ever saw this face

So whenever he does any of pushing off and landing with his leg associated, you know, um…with pitching and all, he feels ‘pinching’ in his back.  Yeah…he’s out.

Scott Merkin also supplied the lovely nugget that the White Sox feel confident about their options to replace Garcia because they just called up Lucas Harrell and Carlos Torres.  I do not. 

Lucas you might remember from Tuesday where he threw change-ups right down the middle like he was a batting practice pitcher, and Carlos Torres is a wanton failure who can’t throw strikes.

The four-man rotation idea took a huge hit Wednesday night when John Danks got lit up for 8 hits and three walks in six innings while throwing on short rest.  He struggled with control and threw far too many meaty fastballs, and racked up a pitch count that wouldn’t allow him to go past 6 but hey…the changeup looked good at times, right?  Danks still had a quality start thanks to all the Teahen Game-Ruiners leading to 3 unearned runs, but to say he looked at full-strength….well that’s just lying like crazy.

But with the way Harrell looked in his most recent outing, and the way Carlos Torres’ career has gone up to this point, it’s hard to think that the White Sox would be weaker using their top 4 on short rest until Garcia returns–if ever.  The obvious risk of this is wearing down all the young arms Wood & Prior style for what looks to be a very ill-fated division race. 

The solution is that the Sox are 5.5 games back and the Minnesota series is next week; we’re going to know very soon if the season is over.  I’d go so far as to say that if that series doesn’t go extremely well, you can go back to a 5-man rotation with whoever.  Hell, you can start playing Tyler Flowers, Brent Morel and Dayan Viciedo for all I care.  Bat Brent Lillibridge cleanup – just go crazy!

Let’s ride out with our best until the moment the season hits the wall…aka this weekend.

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