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White Sox bullpen transforming into a quagmire

It’s incredible how a strength can turn into a weakness.  Especially if that strength is reliant on the durability of the arms regularly flipping off 96 mph fastballs.  But count me surprised by this one; J.J. Putz should be removed from any consideration as a reliable reliever…or as a guy that we’ll see in the... Read more »

Alexei Ramirez is the best player on the White Sox?

A funny thing happened on the way to me writing a post about where Paul Konerko ranked the AL MVP race (about 3rd), a routine check of the wins above replacement for the entire team showed that Alexei Ramirez had recently overtaken Paulie for the lead on the squad.  This is alarming in all kinds... Read more »

Paul Konerko's MVP Candidacy

Paul Konerko's MVP Candidacy
  It’s weak. Normally MVPs have to either be the best player on the best team (the Sox are certainly not that), or someone just transcendently better than everyone else in the league (there are two guys like that in the AL, and neither of them are Paulie).  Konerko isn’t even 1st on his own... Read more »

Thornton Hurt/Season Melting Away/Manager Enraged - DID WE BECOME THE CUBS?!?!

Our best pitcher, and only (legit) All-Star is possibly going to the Disabled List with one of those weaksauce-sounding arm injuries (forearm soreness, aaargghhh!), a once promising season that probably was nowhere near as promising as we thought it was is swandiving into the mountainside before September can even arrive, and our manager is regularly... Read more »

White Sox suffer through epic scheduling failure

  Baseball’s not exactly a physically taxing game.  It makes you a lot better at playing it if you’re in shape, but it involves a lot of standing around, and A.J. Pierzynski been able to play it for a decade despite having the body of James Earl Jones.  My point is; no one’s ever had... Read more »

White Sox fall victim to more Joe West idiocy

  This Royals employee seems to be onto something umpire Joe West wasn’t. The basic role of the umpire is to be invisible.  Impartial, mechanical, in no way inserting their personal affectations into the results of the game if they can possibly help it.  This calls for a consistent strike zone, being in position for... Read more »

Juan Pierre might be just as good as White Sox hoped

  My co-worker Debbie, an ardent Cubs fan, has always expressed an odd envy to me: “I always liked that Juan Pierre…never understood why we let him go.” I like Debbie, and generally attribute any baseball statement she makes that I disagree with as a product of the sad truth that married women in their... Read more »

The most important White Sox games aren't against the Twins

  Big 2-run jack to put the team up 11 in the 8th inning! Cluuuuttccchhhh!! Let’s face it.  It doesn’t seem like big, showdown games are the White Sox thing.  The adrenaline, the palpable pregame excitement, the capacity crowds; they probably do nothing more than weird everybody in black & white out.  The Twins were... Read more »

Hey, Chris Sale's been pretty good, right?

Wednesday night’s White Sox game offered only the slightest respite from the suffering and statistical free-fall the team has recently associated themselves with.  When your best starter blowing a two-run lead, and the best player of the first two months of the season leaving the tying run on 2nd as the game ends to drop... Read more »

Are you ok? Because I don't think I'm gonna be - White Sox heartbreak/disaster/bus crash

My name is James F., and I’m in a very dark place right now. For all the awful things I foresaw happening in a doomed must-win series on the road against a raging AL Central juggernaut in full-bloom (blow-out losses, 3-game sweeps, Ozzie meltdowns, Torii Hunter emerging from the stands and celebrating with the Twinkies... Read more »