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The White Sox Present...the Carlos Quentin-Manny Ramirez awful defense extravaganza

D’oh! In his day, Ozzie Guillen was hard-nosed, never-say-die player who survived in the majors due to his defense, his hustle, and the fact that no one was paying attention to on-base percentage back then.  Back in 2004, he pledged to create a team in his own image; a squad that played hard, ran hard,... Read more »

Welcome to your White Sox bullpen disaster

Lost amidst the great wonder of Brent Lillibridge hitting a home run with one arm and Alex Rios springing to life Monday night in a 10-6 extra-inning and extra-rare win, was the first sneak peak and what the latter innings of games will look like for the White Sox now their bullpen situation has fallen... Read more »

I'm obligated to acknowledge that Manny Ramirez now plays for the White Sox

  I wrote a couple of Manny Ramirez rumor posts–a tawdry habit I must kick–and after two I resigned myself to say nothing on the matter until it became real. Well, as all reasonably active media outlets are reporting, Manny Ramirez is headed to the White Sox.  I believed the event was best summed up... Read more »

Would you like to pitch for the Chicago White Sox? Apply Today!

The Chicago White Sox – Damn fine folks to work for The Chicago White Sox are seeking a short-inning relief pitcher.  The Chicago White Sox are a Major League Baseball team in the American League, and have a proud tradition of adequate levels of winning dating back to 1901.  Position will be called upon to... Read more »

Weird to think that the White Sox are still in it

  This is a picture of A.J. Pierzynski getting a hit…..No for real, it is. I’m not here to pump you full of White Sox optimism.  Very far from it.  Between the chasm separating our starters from the relative security of Bobby Jenks (almost swallowed my tongue writing that), the worst defensive player in the... Read more »

It seems like as good of a time as ever to declare the Edwin Jackson trade a success

  I was not a fan of the Edwin Jackson trade to start out.  As I’m prone to do, I overstated my discontent wild hyperbole.  And then, I got worked up and dropped the White Sox-recent-starting-pitcher-reference atomic bomb.  I compared him to Todd Ritchie. Todd in 2002 produced this memorable line: 5-15, 6.06 ERA, 1.706... Read more »

Only White Sox losses are to blame for Ozzie Guillen-Kenny Williams feud

Looks like a fight, probably isn’t. This is a theme that will continue. First, there was the seemingly innocuous column by David Haugh in the Chicago Tribune on Kenny Williams trying to diffuse the “supposed” controversy of him not watching a game live after the trade deadline.  I don’t know how much Williams is making,... Read more »

Manny Ramirez placed on the waiver wire - White Sox might do something about it

According to, Buster Olney of ESPN, and every other baseball writer alive, the Dodgers actually did place Manny Ramirez on waivers on this, the wackiest of Wednesdays. Like most rules concerning player acquisition and payment in baseball, the waiver system is as long, winding, and mysterious as a dark forest path, if at the... Read more »

Is Jake Peavy going to become the next Freddy Garica?

The night the music died….by ‘music’ I mean the noise Peavy’s shoulder was making in the weeks before this start So…Tuesday was just another whatever day; office work, cheap coffee, dealing with incompetent drivers on the I-94, reading some White Sox articles in the Tribune….Oh hey!  Look, Mark Gonzales–the resident hard-working White Sox writer–wrote some... Read more »

White Sox Interested in Manny Ramirez?--Why Not?

The White Sox have their share of possible clubhouse cancers (a lot of candidates but I’m mostly referring to Jenks), and they have their share of injury-prone disappointments (a lot of candidates but I’m mostly referring to Jenks), so it’s not as though the addition of the mercurial, heinously un-self-aware Manny Ramirez would exactly represent... Read more »