Only White Sox losses are to blame for Ozzie Guillen-Kenny Williams feud


Looks like a fight, probably isn’t. This is a theme that will continue.

First, there was the seemingly innocuous column by David Haugh in the Chicago Tribune on Kenny Williams trying to diffuse the “supposed” controversy of him not watching a game live after the trade deadline.  I don’t know how much Williams is making, but I’m pretty sure he’s in “capable of owning a DVR” territory.  Perhaps it would be a show of support for Williams to be watching, or the very least not seen in public not watching, but that also flies in the face all “We’re professionals, we don’t care about that bulls***” talk most of players give every single night.

Of course, there were some vaguely interesting details:

Williams approving Edwin Jackson to start in the Royals series, but Ozzie going with Tony Pena instead (yawn).

Williams asking Ozzie if he wanted bullpen help, Ozzie responding “F*** no”, and Kenny musing that the team already has more pitchers than he’d like.  Sure, it smacked of Kenny trying to show that he didn’t hate Ozzie’s guts by rubbing a minor sacrifice he had made all over the place, but I reiterate my yawn.

It seemed forced, it seemed vaguely dysfunctional, but it didn’t seem like the source for a Twitter freak-out from the White Sox king of Twitter freak-outs; Oney Guillen.  While I disagree with the thesis that the White Sox would benefit from, or are obligated to reveal all the details of the Williams-Guillen feud, this post is as good of a source for the Guillen tweets as I care to spend time trying to find.


The 2nd most uncomfortable photo of Ozzie and Oney…a distant 2nd

Essentially, Guillen lampooned Williams for not watching the game–because Mark Kotsay is apparently only floundering because he longs for Kenny’s attention–and indicated with his comment that Ozzie got blamed for the team not bringing back Thome, when it was Williams’ decision all along. 

Well, as much as Oney claims to have his source be “the old man”, an arrangement where Williams makes boneheaded roster decisions (letting Thome walk with no back-up plan, not getting relief help), then pins the blame on Ozzie, only for the Oz to accept the blame, nay, welcome it, and re-assert it with fervor seems a little far-fetched. 

Alright, it seems epicly far-fetched.  It seems like an absurd scenario where Ozzie Guillen of all people is actually the biggest and most willing patsy of all-time.  I wouldn’t be surprised to hear that there’s been a little bit of passing the buck as far as the responsibility for a number of roster moves that have played a part in a late-season slide; shifting blame when things go wrong is only a phenomenon that takes place at every workplace across the entire galaxy.


Kenny Williams’ comic of choice….I disapprove

  I’m just hoping that the next time I blame a co-worker for not reloading the copier, when her uncouth son complains about me on Twitter for three days straight, he doesn’t have as many followers as Oney has.

The post I linked to earlier is one of many demanding that explanations be given, that this is a distraction to the team and the fans that needs to be explained.  I disagree.  I really couldn’t care, and I’m pretty sure that the fans generally don’t either.  They just think they do.  We care about the team winning, and fret about them losing.  It would be a concern if a rift between Williams and Guillen is preventing proper communication about the roster and team needs, where as it’s a little bit of less interest if two co-workers are trying to subtly shift responsibility for a job done poorly.  I’m leaning toward the latter

For me there’s just one real controversy:

Kenny Williams likes Carlos Mencia……fail.


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  • i love the whole bickering thing. it takes the heat off the players. ozzie is the master at it. i only wish he'd master a quicker hook with pitchers. lighting a fire under aj wouldn't hurt either. go sox.

  • In reply to dubsdread18:

    That'd be brilliant if the bickering was calculated. But nothing Oney Guillen has ever done has seemed calculated. Why light a fire under Pierzynski when one has already been lit under Castro? Go Sox, keep the win streak for games I attend alive. 4 in a row presently.

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