Manny Ramirez placed on the waiver wire - White Sox might do something about it


According to, Buster Olney of ESPN, and every other baseball writer alive, the Dodgers actually did place Manny Ramirez on waivers on this, the wackiest of Wednesdays.

Like most rules concerning player acquisition and payment in baseball, the waiver system is as long, winding, and mysterious as a dark forest path, if at the end of that path stood a possibly washed-up, immobile slugger draped in dreadlocks with the demeanor of a 9-year old.


Opinions waver on how much Manny could help, especially now that BOTH J.J. Putz and Matt Thornton are on the disabled list, completely transforming the team’s greatest strength into a cartoonishly awful weakness.  There are multiple schools of thought on this…and I like making lists, especially when I’m tired and barely writing coherently.

Manny is one of the all-time greats, a two-time champion, and will ignite the White Sox in the same way he ignited the Dodgers two seaons ago.

This is the position of dumb, naive people.


It doesn’t matter what we do, Thornton and Putz are gone!  The Twins are our abusive foster parents!  We’re screwed, SCREWED!  Baaaarrrrggghhh!

Just because these people might ultimately be correct doesn’t make them any less annoying.  Most years end without a playoff appearance….most years for us that is.  It’s not the end of the world…just the end of my numbers being worth a damn.


Think of Manny Ramirez as a snazzy new hat, and think of our bullpen situation as having cancer.  Even if we wither away, it doesn’t mean we wouldn’t enjoy that hat in our final days.  Hell, there’s even the chance we find a cure….and then we not only survive, but ALSO have a new hat.

You can probably tell from the wordiness that this is my position.  Seeing as the White Sox have already moved far past the point where they could try to take some sort of “we’re loading up for future seasons” approach,  there’s no real reason to not take an interest in Many Ramirez to fill the DH/RF void presently NOT being filled by Andruw Jones, so long as they’re (somewhat) wise in what they give up.

I am not of the opinion that the White Sox should give any of the personnel assets (what little they have) up for one month of Manny Ramirez.  One month of who-knows level of play is not worth the rest of some prospects career…unless it’s Carlos Torres.  What the Sox do have in decent supply is money (thanks for that, Derrick Rose), money that LA practically deserves to get from them due to the fact that they’re paying most of Juan Pierre’s salary this year.  They should offer to pay out all that is still owed to Manny this year, throwing in a nominal player…or just more cash. 

Taking a flyer on a crazy person is only acceptable when it remains just that, and doesn’t become a serious investment.  Rumors are that Ramirez would approve a deal to the White Sox, and the Dodgers are prepared to enter into negotiations with the ChiSox, but there’s still the roadblock of a National League team (that can’t play a DH), claiming a guy who’s a horrible defender and best suited as a DH.


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