Daniel Hudson's 'start' will leave the White Sox looking for trades

It’s easy to overlook the magnitude of what Daniel Hudson did in his start Sunday.  His 4 innings of work were easily overshadowed by the 2.2 innings the Kansas City Royals got from Anthony Lerew.  In giving up 8 earned runs, 7 in the 4th, all with two out via 4 HRs, Lerew managed to transform a spot start he received due to Zack Greinke having shoulder soreness into his own retirement party.  Greinke isn’t expected to miss much time, Gil Meche is coming off the DL soon, and there are only so many spots on a rotation…even Kansas City’s.  27 years old with no breaking ball to speak of is a bad way to be.  Gone too soon, Anthony, gone too soon.


it’s the sideburns….it’s not, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t
shave them.

But that’s very beside the point, I just didn’t want to come off as
someone who didn’t enjoy the hell out of Sunday’s evisceration of
mediocre Kansas City pitching.

The White Sox went into a bizarre holding pattern and stayed in it for
almost a week after Jake Peavy got injured, where they refused to
announce Daniel Hudson as the starter for Sunday’s game until less than
24 hours before, despite the fact that he was the only conceivable option
in the organization unless you count Tony “I hate pitching multiple
innings, why the hell are you torturing me?” Pena and Carlos “Useless so
long as the other team can hit 90mph fastballs down the middle” Torres
(I would have just said ‘useless’ for Torres, but for some reason last
September, the Cubs were baffled by this approach and Carlos went for 7
shutout innings).  Given the lack of conceivable alternatives the Sox
had, one can only assume that they were looking for a solution outside
the organization
.  Which is a neat way of saying Kenny Williams set
up one of those group chats on gmail with all of the GMs in baseball,
and just kept typing “Got a pitcher!?  I need a pitcher!  Anybody got a
pitcher!!!?!?!?  Puh-leeese I need a pitcher!  Black male, 46, Chicago,
seeking capable and experienced starting pitcher, no phone calls

Maybe I’m reading too far into this, but I’ve been watching a team run
by Kenny Williams for the last decade…people just get
traded….especially minor-leaguers.  If I lived in Oakland, and I heard
a couple dudes arguing down the street, and I started screaming “Oh
lord, somebody’s about to get totally murdered!”, nobody would think I
was reading too far into that.  Well….it’s like…the same
difference….you know? (Oakland is rife with crime, btw)

Facing a good (.283 team batting average), but certainly not great (20th
in baseball in runs scored) Kansas City offense, Daniel Hudson could
have done a lot to squelch the trade talk with a decent outing,
something that suggested that he could be a decent 5th starter. 
Something in the territory of 6 IP, 3 ER, or even 4 ER, or even 5 IP, 3
ER, or just 5 innings pitched, or 4 innings pitched with 6 ERs, but 12
strikeouts, just something more exciting than the 9-baserunners-allowed-through-4-innings mediocre-fest Dan offered.  He walked three batters,
and did so early, which given his typically good control suggests that Hudson
had butterflies.  Rightfully so, Hudson is probably smart enough to
know that he was pitching for a spot on the team with this start, and
possibly only this start.


fine to me, PUT HIM IN!

Dan is only 23, and giving up on him right now is kinda like giving up
on the electric car, but Kenny Williams is known for running every
season like it’s his last, like this is only opportunity for the White
Sox to win it all, like Jerry Reinsdorf is secretly going broke and it’s
his job to pretend like nothing’s wrong.  With that approach, there’s
no real benefit for Williams to play a prolonged game of wait-and-see
with Hudson’s performance.  He only has till the end of the month to
pull a trade, the available starting pitchers are already started to get
dealt, and if he plans to use Hudson as a trade piece, then his stock
is only going to be hurt if he has additional bad outings.  Williams
pulled the Jake Peavy deal the day after Clayton Richard went 8 innings
against Detroit.  Probably not a coincidence.

Expect Daniel to get one more start at the most to prove himself before
Williams strikes a deal, or the team gives Carlos Torres some run,
though even that would likely only occur after Kenny struck out on a
trade in some publicly embarrassing way.  With the All-Star game coming, a few
days of all the team officials being in the same place, cocktails and
mozzarella sticks flowing everywhere, Hudson may not even get that.

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