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White Sox interested in Edwin Jackson - What? Was Todd Ritchie unavailable?

Edwin Jackson, Dontrelle Willis, and Dan Haren in the same photo; what the hell is going on in Arizona? Things just seem to jump in the way of me getting to write the snarky, jerkish pieces I really want to write.  For example, I had aspirations of writing an extremely mocking article about how sad... Read more »

Could Jenks already be back?

When I wrote a week ago that the White Sox couldn’t afford to keep Bobby Jenks in the closer role while he went through the process of rediscovering his stuff (I’m not linking back to that thing, it makes me look like a moron now), I made the assumption that it would actually be a... Read more »

Nationals willing to trade Dunn for Hudson and a legit prospect - It could be worse

Normally I like to show pictures that emphasize Dunn’s gut, but I say do the deal on the basis of this photo alone If you believe anything that Kenny Williams says (I usually don’t, but it’s a personal choice) then the White Sox are perfectly content to stand pat with the spunky bunch of go-getters... Read more »

Mark Kotsay - Cursed by God

One of the first things google prompts you to search for once you’ve entered in ‘Mark Kotsay’ is ‘Mark Kotsay’s wife’.  I took the bait, and yes, it seems that there is no way in hell Mark Kotsay is actually cursed by God, but that was never the point.  Mark has had some incredibly rotten... Read more »

Holy Crap Phil Rogers! Really?!?!?

Ever since I first picked apart something utterly nuts Tribune baseball writer Phil Rogers said, I realized it to be a crutch; an easy-to-write, obvious set-up for a blog post.  Eventually, I knew, people would realize that any jackass with an internet connection could point out that a crazy person is saying crazy things, or... Read more »

The White Sox fan base is invigorated...sorta

This is NOT a picture from Monday night’s game The White Sox have a type of fan base where I was happy to see that they finished in the middle of the pack in terms of home attendance when the mid-season figures were released a week ago, as opposed to being statistical peers of the... Read more »

Are White Sox ok?

After performing the rarely seen mid-season quantum leap in June to vault themselves from the verge of being gutted in a series of white flag trades that few would protest, to a team that assesses the viability of its playoff chances day-in, day-out, the White Sox had to figure that some period of malaise, where... Read more »

First two episodes of White Sox TV show "The Club"...oh man

There’s no telling where Ozzie’s hand will go on this week’s episode. The first two episodes of White Sox reality show “The Club” are sitting patiently on my DVR.  The trailer for this show promised Ozzie pledging to kill himself for his employer, Kenny Williams acting like Patrick Bateman, and a lot of very serious... Read more »

When pitching and defense fails, White Sox get bloooooooown out

Sometimes things take a little while to reveal themselves to be complete anomalies; like Mike Caruso’s rookie season in 1998.  And other things are immediately recognizable as incredible anomalies, like me getting through work without so much as a cup of coffee despite only sleeping three hours.  I certainly have the firmest faith that Saturday’s... Read more »

Carlos Quentin - Too crazy to DH?

Finally, a story worthy of this picture Every time I get too far in thinking that Ozzie is kinda off in his own world and doesn’t base his decisions in a type of measurable rationality (it usually happens after I watch an interview of him), he goes and makes the completely correct choice, like his... Read more »