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10 Straight - Don't Stop Now Boys

Hawk tends to implore the Sox with his phrase of “Don’t stop now boys!” long after their rally has tied the game, given them the lead, and a comfortable cushion, which seems to indicate that in his golden years Harrelson has acquired the adorable bloodlust that most seniors get.  This winning streak has come nowhere... Read more »

Jason Nix Claimed By Cleveland - Cleveland Reacts With Horror

I like Jayson Nix…well, sort of.  He hit for good power back in the day (last year), and always seemed to be trying hard.  Obvious displays of effort are a good thing to have if you want to endear yourself to fans while flailing helplessly because you’re a natural 2nd basemen who’s been jammed into... Read more »

White Sox are White Hot; But 12-Game Win Streaks are Rare for a Reason

This has all the markings of an epic demolition. The White Sox roll in on their hottest streak of possibly the last four years, have won 9-straight and 13 of the last 14, are 3 games over .500 and are as blatant and unapologetic in their happiness about being 3 games over .500 as any... Read more »

As the Pitching Goes, So Go the White Sox; and the Pitching Goes Really, Really Well

So far this season the White Sox have shown two teams to the viewing public.  The first team, the veritable family member made to stay in their bedroom during dinner parties, fields poorly,  hits a lot of homers but struggles to score runs, get on base, or convert opportunities, and has starters who pitch like... Read more »

Wild, White Sox Wednesday Night

Wednesday night’s gritty triumph over the Braves and their ace Tim Hudson was so very wild and untamed (alcohol was served all the way throughout the two-hour rain delay and up until the 6th inning….think about it), that I may have just come home and fallen asleep, rather than actually get to writing anything about... Read more »

Scott Linebrink: Useless Again and Under Contract for Another Year

The Sox are riding quite the winning streak of recent, and have at least four right-handed arms in the bullpen at present pitching significantly better than Scott Linebrink (Hell, maybe even five; you don’t know that Matt Thornton for sure isn’t ambidextrous, do you?), so his struggles probably haven’t appeared on the average Sox fan’s... Read more »

Wednesday Night Is The Best Night To Follow Live Game Tweets

Why? Because I’ll actually be at the game tonight, meaning that my running commentary supplied via phone will probably make up the bulk of the writing I do.  So join me as I spend an evening in the bleachers cheering on the White (hot) Sox against the Braves during a game that will feature plenty... Read more »

Braves' Starter Hansen's Debacle Ruins Delays ChiSox' Chance to Prove Selves

After a week and a half of slaughtering hapless NL teams as they begged for mercy, and another two games of contributing to the larger misery of the metropolitan area of Detroit (right before they took off), the White Sox were supposed to get a dose of reality Tuesday night with a showdown against what’s... Read more »

Cliff Lee to Twins Rumors Are Terrifying If True

If you’re like me, and you were driving after 5 on your way home from work Tuesday afternoon, and flicked on 670 AM the Score, you probably heard two random talking heads flapping about the Mariners trading Cliff Lee to the Twins like it was some sort of done deal.  If you were anywhere near... Read more »

It's About To Get Real for White Sox

It almost seems like bad manners to bring this up right now, but the four teams that the White Sox just reeled 10 wins in 12 games against are 126-151 combined, and that’s with the suddenly hot Tigers included and the moribund Cleveland Indians left out.   The White Sox caught fire and saved their... Read more »