Live From the Cubs-Sox Finale


I’m excited by the prospects of Sunday’s game.

Sure, the series was decided the night before.

And sure, thunderstorms are predicted for the entire day (they’re scattered, there’s a chance!)

And ssuuuuurrre, my tickets are on a deck….and not in the lower one.

But with reports circling that the level of unruliness during Saturday night’s game varied wildly between Scottish soccer brawl and the 9th circle of Hell, this could very well be the people watching event of the season, while not having as much of the terrifying danger of the Saturday night affair. 

I would be following WhtSoxObserver during the game if I were you (yes, that would be a logical paradox, get over it) if for no other reason than to see what it looks like on twitter when a phone is chucked from hundreds of feet in the air while in the process of sending a message.

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