Hey! The Draft is Today!

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No, not that draft.  It’s the one where 18-22 year-old males from across the nation are picked in a seemingly random order, given a few weeks of free time, then shipped out to remote outposts across the country where they are trained and instilled with physical discipline, mental toughness, and procedural know-how, all with the intention of establishing the professionalism becoming of a–Hey! I said it wasn’t that draft.

Similarities to military conscription aside (including trysts with local girls), the White Sox hold the 13th pick in this year’s Amateur Draft.  As much as next year is promising to offer the Sox an even higher pick, this is an important.  This is day where the big-league journeys begin for everyone.  It’s all begins here for every MLB player (unless they’re 14-year old Dominicans signed to 6-year contracts while standing outside gym class), whether their destined to quit years from now and play quarterback for Florida State, become Kevin Costner’s character in Bull Durham, or reach the ultimate goal, and spend the last five years of their career being overpaid by the New York Yankees.

Now I don’t know much about college baseball other than that they play with aluminum bats, no schools anywhere near the Midwest are good at all, and that they get to wear their eyeblack like insane war paint, which is really hot when the female softball players do it, and just plain creepy when the fellas do it. 

It behooves the Sox to pick someone good, not just from a ‘Our teams needs good players perspective’, but more because the White Sox need a good story, and they need it now.  They need someone exciting, someone who will come in and show immediate promise in the minor leagues, someone who can create a buzz like Gordon Beckham and lead fans to crazily get excited for his promotion (only this time, the Sox should avoid actually caving to the pressure).  But most of all, the Sox need to not draft another Josh Fields.

In fact:

Sox 1st Round Draft Picks this past decade:

2000: Joe Borchard OF: Sir Strikes-A-Lot
2001: Kris Honel P: Never Reached Majors – Injuries – Could happen to anyone I guess
2002: Royce Ring P: Dealt for Robbie Alomar, promising, but out of majors since ’08
2003: Brian Anderson OF: Inability to hit seems like it would be a glaring flaw
2004: Josh Fields 3B: Poor man’s Mark Teahen
2005: Lance Broadway P: Traded for fat backup catcher, bad with the Mets, may go to jail
2006: Kyle McCulloch P: Finally got promoted to AAA this year
2007: Aaron Poreda P: Dealt for Peavy, struggling with Padres farm system thus far
2008: Gordon Beckham 2B: Everything’s great!  What could be wrong?
2009: Jared Mitchell OF: Torn ankle tendon, out for season

I know that the success rate for baseball drafts is lower but….yeeesh.  Let’s try to pick someone with two legs, doesn’t have any murder beefs, and hits the ball out of the infield, and I think things will be alright…so long as we don’t draft Ozzie’s son.  I mean, have you seen Ozzie’s career hitting statistics?!?!

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