Gavin Floyd finally isn't screwed out of a win!

You’re probably rolling pretty good if the worst start out of your last five outings is worth 6.2 innings and 2 earned runs.  You’re probably pretty unlucky if that worst start is the only instance in which you’ve been credited with a win.  And if your record in the previous four starts where you posted a 0.93 ERA and a 0.76 WHIP was a measly 0-1, then you’re probably Gavin Floyd.

After almost a full month of going underappreciated, racking up the best stats on the squad, and either having his offense arrive two and a half hours late to the ballpark or allow a single run because Ozzie doesn’t really have a grip on how to tell when he’s tired, The Gloyd finally picked up a win despite having a run of the mill, Buehrle-esque quality start as opposed to the Wrath-of-God mode he’s been in of recent.  Frankly, it’s a relief to see Gavin reach a middle ground between his evisceration of the National League and the crippling early season woes that had his trade value hovering near a place where we’d have to pay someone to take him away.  He obviously wasn’t going to be able to sustain such high performance levels for the rest of the year anymore than Ozzie was going to go the rest of the year without getting ejected.

In the future, it’d be nice to see Gavin return to his high-strikeout form, but the incredible anomaly of him not walking anyone was great, if not also as clear of proof that his stuff was not as electric as previous nights as him having only 2 strikeouts was.  Gavin throws a lot of sharp-breaking balls out of the striking zone when he’s on, and is the type of guy who could throw 10 no-hitters without having a single perfect game.

The key for Gavin tonight, was that he faced Brian Bannister, who dropped to 4-6 with a 7.97 ERA and a 1.69 WHIP against the White Sox for his career.  Bannister still has a winning record for the season despite playing on a team 12 under .500, and that makes it pretty clear to me at least, that his struggles against the South-Siders are due to a hex that his father Floyd Bannister, who had the best five years of his career with the Sox, put on him for attempting to wrong his beloved team.  Make things right, Brian, and come home.  Come home so we can deal you for prospects.

In bad news, Gavin seems to have gotten a woman pregnant recently, which no one wants to hear….oh…apparently it was his wife…and it was entirely intentional.  So that’s great!  Congratulations, Gavin.  Your stuff has been electric this month.

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