Adam Dunn to White Sox rumors, and why they're not that exciting

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Apparently the White Sox are so hard up for Adam Dunn, the power-hitting, and even more power-swinging 1st baseman for the Nationals, that they sent scouts to his last game.  Scouts!  To a Nationals game!  When Strasburg wasn’t even pitching!  The game was in Atlanta though; maybe our guys just wanted to eat at Waffle House.

It’s actually pretty serious, and frankly, one couldn’t be mad if the
White Sox dealt for Thunder Dunn, seeing as even with his faults, a man
with a .900-plus OPS, has hit 38 HRs or more six seasons in a row, and
is 2.1 Wins Above Replacement at the moment (and probably at least 3
wins above Mark Kotsay) would be a massive upgrade at the DH
position for the White Sox.  A massive one.

Now on with those faults…

Dunn is massive.  MASSIVE.  At 6’6″, 287 lbs, he is every bit the
slow-moving, station-to-station base clogger that has defined the White
Sox offense for many years.  Many bad years.  However, there never has
been a White Sox player who has struck out as much as Adam Dunn.  Dunn
has five of the top 50 single-season strikeout totals of all time.  He
was a regular outfielder up until last season where he begin to split
time at 1st base (apparently seven consecutive negative UZR seasons will
raise some doubts).  He’s not particularly great at 1st either (at what
position can you hide a big, slow guy?).  And heeerreee’s the
kicker courtesy of….(well, you’ll be able to tell)


Spots Ken Rosenthal hears that Dunn has no interest in becoming the
DH for an American League team, and the Nationals have given no
indication that they will be trading Dunn, especially considering they
like their middle of the order lineup with Dunn, Ryan Zimmerman and Josh

Grrrreeat!  I’m not really worried about the latter concern; losing
teams with a young core and without boatloads of money are usually
willing to trade aging sluggers with expiring contracts in exchange for

Did I say ‘usually’?  I meant ‘always’.

But Dunn doesn’t want to play DH?  Does no one remember this(watch
the video

Great!  I can’t wait to have this guy replace Konerko at first because
he’s completely out of touch with reality.  Even if Konerko is willing
to take a backseat on the team he’s a captain of, that pencils in Carlos
Quentin for playing right field for the rest of the season….which is
not great.

Moreover, this seems like a disavowal of everything that Kenny Williams
has been trying to accomplish with the team this season.  For all the
acquiring of speed and getting rid of old, lumbering sluggers, scrapping
the farm system again for a Young, Not-As-Good, Jim Thome seems like
he’s bailing out on his own game plan to put a mid-level contender over
the top, with a guy who might not even be capable of doing it.  Dunn has
been on one winning team in his entire career; the 82-80 Diamondbacks
in 2008…he played 44 games.  As much as Dunn will be an increase over
the mausoleum that is Jones-Kotsay platoon at the moment, he strikes out
in about a third of his at bats.  I’m sure that will be on the mind of
every Sox fan when they need him to put the ball in play with a runner
on 3rd, need him to move a runner over, or when he’s up at the plate in a
game-deciding moment against a top-flight closer, instead of
uppercutting mistake pitches off of Brian Bannister.  Even though I’m
sure that’d be great to watch.

Finally, the White Sox should decide whether Dunn is going to be better
than Dayan Viciedo down the road.  Or Brent Morel down the road.  Or
more valuable than Daniel Hudson down the road.  Because it might take
all three of them.

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  • i really hope the sox just sit still, i'm not convinced we are very good yet after 2.5 miserable months and 2 great weeks. we can't go on forever trading youth for short term expensive vets, can we?

  • In reply to Drew:

    Oh god no we can't. We're driving into the wall at 100mph The farm system is ranked in the mid-20s in the league by every scouting organization, and liable to take another hit because trading unproven prospects for vets is Kenny's MO. Maybe he's always been that way, maybe after the Joe Borchard and Josh Fields affairs he just vowed to never depend on the prospects again, but I honestly believe this man will go short-term over long-term right up until the moment the entire talent pool evaporates, the average team age is 34, and we lose 100 games. The question is how long he can stave that time off, and whether he'll have had a successful enough of a run where we'll just shrug our shoulders and say "Hey, the man won a World Series and a couple division was worth it."

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