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Gavin Floyd finally isn't screwed out of a win!

You’re probably rolling pretty good if the worst start out of your last five outings is worth 6.2 innings and 2 earned runs.  You’re probably pretty unlucky if that worst start is the only instance in which you’ve been credited with a win.  And if your record in the previous four starts where you posted... Read more »

Adam Dunn to White Sox rumors, and why they're not that exciting

Apparently the White Sox are so hard up for Adam Dunn, the power-hitting, and even more power-swinging 1st baseman for the Nationals, that they sent scouts to his last game.  Scouts!  To a Nationals game!  When Strasburg wasn’t even pitching!  The game was in Atlanta though; maybe our guys just wanted to eat at Waffle... Read more »

Phil Rogers says something not too crazy about White Sox

In what started as a coincidence but now may be a shameless effort to get page views, I’ve made a habit of ripping into everything Tribune baseball columnist Phil Rogers has to say about the White Sox.  Yes, everyone gets a good guffaw over the big newspaper guy getting raked over the coals, and yes... Read more »

Mark my words, the White Sox will regret dumping Monday's game to the Royals

At 39-36 and only 2 games back from now 1st place Detroit, Monday hardly registers as a panic-inducing loss.  But with all the scratching and clawing the White Sox had to do just to get back into the race, watching them completely toss aside a winnable game against a team 12 games under .500 going... Read more »

How many White Sox players are All-Stars?

2. What?  You want analysis?  Guh…fine.  Let’s go through the roster. Pitchers Mark Buehrle – Maybe if he was a distinguished veteran who played his whole career in a huge market (yes, this is a dig at Andy Pettitte, how’d you guess?) and was pitching for an offensive juggernaut, Mark’s 4.60 ERA might have produced... Read more »

Oh, You Should Have Listened to My Radio Appearance

If you HAD listened to my radio appearance on WGN AM 720, you probably wouldn’t have bothered to click on this link.  I take your presence on this page as an admission of guilt, and I judge you…harshly. But all is not lost.  In fact, absolutely nothing is lost.  Because you can listen to the... Read more »

Looking back on the streak that was

I’m all for doing things emphatically; whether it be breaking off relationships, arguing that Alexei Ramirez was safe at 1st, or absolutely ruining your professional reputation amongst your co-workers forever.  So maybe the White Sox shattering their 11-game winning streak via a complete pitching breakdown and getting bashed around by a previously moribund Cubs offense... Read more »

Live From the Cubs-Sox Finale

I’m excited by the prospects of Sunday’s game. Sure, the series was decided the night before. And sure, thunderstorms are predicted for the entire day (they’re scattered, there’s a chance!) And ssuuuuurrre, my tickets are on a deck….and not in the lower one. But with reports circling that the level of unruliness during Saturday night’s... Read more »

You mean to tell you don't just get a trophy for winning 11 games in a row?

Chicago fans aren’t exactly known for their grasp of the necessary social graces, and from all reports of Saturday night’s game, this weekend has not only not been an exception, but possibly the most debauched chapter yet in the great saga of inter-city hatred and brutality, class warfare, revocation of the social contract, chaos, hysteria,... Read more »

White Sox Observer on the Radio THIS SATURDAY Morning

Anyone who’s interested in finding out how much my voice is affected by poor nasal circulation would be wise to tune into WGN 720 this Saturday morning at 11am, as I appear on ChicagoNow Radio with Julie DiCaro (the girl who writes that Cubs blog that is kinda unavoidable on this site).  I anticipate being... Read more »