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What Did I Miss? - Weekend Recap

I have returned triumphantly from my friend’s wedding and a stay at the creepiest bed & breakfast in the history of time (the decor included a LOT of clowns).  Additionally, I have returned from a weekend of no internet service (meaning no blogging), and no cell phone service (irrelevant to nearly all of you, but... Read more »

I Would Hate For You To Have Nothing

I’m posting this late, late Thursday night with the knowledge that I won’t have internet all weekend.  But I figured that my comments would probably be in line with this mournful, but comedic song in the wake of the first game against the Marlins.  Especially if Ozzie decides to rest the best player on the... Read more »

Bottoming Out

Fresh off a disheartening loss and a scathing article from Phil Rogers claiming that the White Sox were essentially dead for the year, the Sox showed that they were essentially dead for the year.  If you’re a White Sox fan, you’re in.  You can’t escape the season or the fact that the Sox appear to... Read more »

Phil Rogers Writes About the White Sox, Gets Things About 30% Right

The Tribune company owns the server that this blog is published on, so maybe this isn’t the smartest career move I’ve ever made, but something tells me that limited readership is my friend.  Tribune writer Phil Rogers wrote a feature article about the dreary beginnings for both the Cubs and Sox that I hated hated... Read more »

Sox Lose to Angels 3-2, But the Streak Continues! (Hint: It's Not a Good Streak)

Question?:  How do you make yourself 43 year-old Omar Vizquel’s backup for the next month? Answer!: Commit two errors in one play that should have been the last out of the inning, with the second error coming via you throwing the ball into right field when it was impossible to make the out at second... Read more »

Sox Win 6-2 Tuesday; Probably Means Nothing Toward Wednesday

Playing yet another inexplicable noon weekday game on the road, the White Sox had another one of their snappy performances where they did a lot of things right, and looked like a contending team beating another contender, earning the rarely seen and even more rarely acknowledged 1-game sweep over the Detroit Tigers.  Tuesday’s Sox effort... Read more »

White Sox Rained Out; Everything Pushed Back a Day In a Way That Affects Me Personally

Not wanting to start late and risk being stuck in downtown Detroit after 11 o’clock at night, Monday night’s game against the Tigers has been canceled for rain.  If you watch DVDs of the 2005 playoffs (which I do, to stave off self-cutting), you can see that half of those games were played in light... Read more »

White Sox Management Pondering Trades on Account of Team Being a Bigger Flop Than Xanadu

With the season circling the drain (a particularly destitute drain at that, let’s say, ‘a drain located in a filthy shower stall in an abandoned truck stop located 15 miles outside Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio), apparently the Sox are looking into trading some of their struggling veterans, or maybe all of them!  Would Tampa trade Carl... Read more »

Dropped Pop-Up Ruins Floyd's Concentration, Game, Weekend

I won’t say that Gavin Floyd was rolling through the first three innings on Sunday, because he had only recorded one strikeout and had allowed 2 hits, but darnett, everything seemed fine up until that point.  Gavin even went and induced a lazy pop-up from renowned Sox-killer Mike Aviles to start the 4th.  With the... Read more »

Not Dead Yet; Sox Rally in 7th to Top Royals 5-4

To the untrained eye, the White Sox 5, Royals 4 result scrolling across the bottom line of a late night ESPN broadcast might suggest a fairly nondescript AL Central snoozefest between two bottom-feeders, and no one among us should lose sight of the fact that in many ways it was.  However, those in the know... Read more »