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Jayson Nix Goes From Goat to G.O.A.T. - White Sox Defeat Rays 8-5

Alright, well obviously that’s an intentionally preposterous overstatement.  Jayson Nix is probably still the 25th best player on the Chicago White Sox roster.  A roster which isn’t particularly great.  Yet when your cruddy back-up 3rd baseman comes in the middle of the game to replace your cruddy starting 3rd baseman, and hits a grand slam... Read more »

Typical - Sox Lose 8-5

Only this year’s version of the Chicago White Sox could follow up their most impressive effort of the season with the utter dud that was Saturday night’s game.  This loss was the 12th time the White Sox have failed to win consecutive games in their last 13 attempts.  This type of maddening inconsistency becomes all... Read more »

Freddy Garcia Says Something Crazy and Disheartening/Bobby Jenks Does Something Stupid

Earlier today I waxed poetic about Freddy Garcia’s vintage outing Friday night.  Little did I know that Freddles had already cut himself down to size; per Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune “I threw a lot of changeups, a lot of bull(bleep),” Garcia said after rebounding from a miserable start to beat the Rays and... Read more »

A Very Special Night - White Sox Defeat Rays 4-2

I have long believed that even following the season of a team that went 59-103, would contain  at least 59 nights in the season that were absolutely awesome.  There’d be at least 59 nights where the flaws of the team would be a little less glaring, and players who couldn’t be relied on to produce... Read more »

A Poor Hitting Team - Sox Lose to Rays 5-1

The Movable Type server is not operating in a way that’s conducive to my love of funny pictures at the moment, so you’ll have to imagine that a cartoon picture of a bat with a hole burnt into it is up above this text.  The White Sox were shut down, nay, flattened by Rays pitcher... Read more »

Bobby Jenks Upstages Everyone - Sox Win 5-4 In Spite of Him

As little as 20 minutes before the end of Wednesday’s game, I could have sworn that the dominant storyline of the affair would umpire Joe West going on an egomaniacal rampage by ejecting Ozzie Guillen and Mark Buehrle, with a secondary storyline of Tony Pena’s heroic 4 innings of relief that came in the wake... Read more »

White Sox Lose 7-3 and Come Down With a Case of the Terribles

So I guess when Jake Peavy said that the team “had to win this series”, as in win 2 out of 3 games, he was really putting the onus on John Danks and Mark Buehrle, because he certainly had no plans of winning this game.  After looking like the stud we’re paying 15 million dollars... Read more »

Jake Peavy is Accountable, Phil Rogers Needs To Be

Before Monday night’s victory over the Cleveland Indians, Jake Peavy took time to speak frankly about the White Sox season.  Well…about as frankly as someone who hasn’t acknowledged that the team is fatally flawed due to their abysmal defense can speak about the team.  Jake avoided topics like poor defense, the struggles of the rotation... Read more »

White Sox Defeat Indians 7-2 - Thanks, Justin Masterson!

Hey Justin! It was great to see you Monday!  Frankly, the last time that we saw each other, things were a little weird.  You weren’t yourself.  It didn’t feel right, and I think a lot of people went home feeling upset and wronged, genuinely wronged.  We didn’t want to ever go through shame and embarrassment... Read more »

Last Chance to Win a Game This Month

Notice I didn’t even say that there was a good chance that the Sox win another game this month.  The last time the White Sox ventured out to Cleveland for three games this season, they were swept by the team that’s currently last in the AL Central.  But hey, if the Sox play their cards... Read more »