Freddy Garcia Says Something Crazy and Disheartening/Bobby Jenks Does Something Stupid

Earlier today I waxed poetic about Freddy Garcia’s vintage outing Friday night.  Little did I know that Freddles had already cut himself down to size;

per Mark Gonzalez of the Chicago Tribune
“I threw a lot of changeups, a lot of bull(bleep),” Garcia said after rebounding from a miserable start to beat the Rays and seven-game winner David Price 4-2. “But sometimes you feel good, and that thing works.”

Well, that kind of ‘Hey, who the hell knows what happened?’ attitude is refreshing, Freddy.  If by refreshing I mean terrifying.  Even if one of your rotation guys is an over the hill junkballer, you’d like to think he has a vision of success every time he walks out on the hill.  Maybe some sort of follow-up quote where you don’t sound drunk will inspire some confidence, Freddy.

“A lot of people are laughing,” said Garcia, who is 4-1 in his last seven starts. “But I don’t get paid for throwing fast. I get paid for getting people out. And that’s the way I’m thinking.”

Thanks, Frederico.  Was that so hard?  Did you really have to momentarily pretend like you had no concept of how you led us to our most impressive win of the year?  We’re fragile right now, you jackass.  Have you gotten a load of Jake Peavy?  Yeah, yeah.  15 million damn dollars we’re paying that guy.  Why don’t you save your jokes for when we’re on the right side of .500 and not collectively wigging out.

That sounded harsh, I’m sorry….you were great…try to go easy on the Tequila tonight.

In the meantime, the reason the White Sox had resident battleaxe Matt Thornton get the last four outs Saturday night instead of our normal closer, the Stay-Puff Marshmallow Man, is because Bobby Jenks tweaked his calf in batting practice.

Batting practice?!??

Alright, so he was jogging, not swinging, but that doesn’t really seem like anything he does in a game situation either.  But just think, instead of Jenks coming in to protect a 2-run lead, acting manager Joey Cora had to decided to between J.J. Putz and Matt Thornton.  He was probably feeling a little less than anxious.  The only thing I’m worried about is Jenks coming back and trying to play with the injured calf.  I can’t imagine what him at less than maximum strength would be. 

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