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Yankees Overwhelm Sox With Old Guys, Win 6-4

It’s hard for me to do my usual bit of griping tonight about some of the dinosaurs creaking around on the White Sox roster for two reasons.  1.  One of them is Paul Konerko, effectively the best player in the AL through 23 games, and 2.  The Yankees just came from behind and beat us... Read more »

Who Will Play Outfield Tonight?

So I went and made a few jokes Wednesday night about how Carlos Quentin was flying around all uncoordinated in outfield and was a sure bet for an injury, and now….he’s out for tonight against the Yankees with a strained hamstring, which is apparently the same injury that kept him out yesterday.  This is troubling... Read more »

The Chicago White Sox Are NOT In Last Place!

It’s true. With today’s win to take them up to 9-13 (I use ‘up’ in a relative sense), the Sox move a half-game ahead on the still 8-13, cellar-dwelling Kansas City Royals.  Better yet this win, just like the end of last night, featured multiple players mired in slumps coming alive, right as we head... Read more »

White Sox Ruin Otherwise Reprehensible 6-5 Loss to Rangers With Glimmers of Hope

When Jake Peavy, he of the revamped delivery said to increase his fastball from 90 mph to 94, threw his first pitch of Wednesday night’s game; a 90 mph fastball ripped for a single to right field, I laughed aloud.  Not a sarcastic snicker, or an embittered chuckle, but a maniacal laugh that a psychotic... Read more »

Jake Peavy Gives Semi-Plausible Excuse for Horrifying All of Us

So many people have been a disappointment for the White Sox so far that it really says something about Jake Peavy’s stature and reputation that he’s become the disappointment that no one wants to talk about because it’s too devastating to acknowledge.  Today in a Chicago Tribune article Peavy threw us a bone and gave... Read more »

Sox Lose 4-2 to Dregs of Baseball Universe

This most recent underwhelming White Sox loss had a lot of interesting things going on in it to just be another case of a poor offensive performance dooming a decent pitching effort.  But that’s pretty much what it was.  The Sox scored just two runs on six hits, had four 1-2-3 innings, hit into two... Read more »

Update to A.J. Pierzynski Article

Today in the Chicago Tribune Pierzynski is quoted as saying “I feel like I’m doing everything right, I’m just not getting any hits.”  Seemingly to imply that he feels his slump is simply a string of bad luck, rather than a complete breakdown of his hitting mechanics. Pardon?!?  So does that mean that reaching out... Read more »

6-Game Road Trip to Hell

Well, last weekend was fun.  Now prepare to die. Not to be overly dramatic, but this would be a difficult road trip even if the Sox didn’t nearly play themselves out of the division race two weeks into the season.  Even bristling with excitement after dispatching a half-decent AL West team, the Sox will really... Read more »

Many Players On The Sox Are Struggling, But None More Than A.J. Pierzynski

When someone asks what the most difficult thing to do in sports is, for me the answer is immediate. Hitting big league pitching. And for anyone who questions whether hitting major league pitching is the most difficult task in sports, look no farther than our embattled catcher, A.J. Pierzynski.  Just last season at the tender... Read more »

Live Game Diary Today-Right Now

Perhaps live game blogs are the type of thing that one wants to announce beforehand, but I’ve always found that it’s just as fun to read a funny writer reacting to things as they happened after the game as over as it is to read while they’re writing.  Or at least it is with Bill... Read more »