Chicago Public Schools Students Discuss Anti-Blackness at Their Mostly Latinx High School

In this episode of Chi-Teens, Chicago Public Schools students from Hancock College Prep explore the question “Who should or shouldn’t use the N-word?”  The episode includes:

  • Some context for this conversation
  • A student roundtable conversation about the African American experience at a mostly Latinx school
  • An interview with the CPS principal about the school’s race and equity work
  • And some wisdom from accomplished writer Ta-Nehisi Coates

Chi-Teens is a podcast by Hancock College Prep teens for other teens.

This SoundCloud-based podcast cannot, unfortunately, be accessed on the CPS Wifi.  To listen, disconnect from it if you can.  We’re working on moving this to another site.  If you’d like to help us pay $120 for the new platform subscription, please contact Ray, the club adviser, at rsalazar at cps dot edu.

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