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Guiding Principles the Chicago Public Schools Curriculum Equity Initiative should adopt

Chicago Public Schools leaders are right: Teachers spend too much time and money finding resources and planning instruction. When our time gets devoured with finding texts, designing learning experiences, and creating assessments, we lose time and energy that should be devoted to interacting with students.  We burn out quickly. Different teachers have different demands. I... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools students discuss sexual assault through slam poetry

Cortez, Eveny, Sonny, and Maria are the a group of students at Hancock College Prep who are part of the Slam Poetry Team. To educate their community about sexual assault, they wrote and performed “Teal” at the Hancock Talent Show. Listen to their interview on Sound Cloud with Hancock Podcast Club member Jarel Alcantar below. Listen... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools student loves basketball jerseys but fears the trouble they bring

Chi-Teens, the podcast produced by Hancock College Prep’s after-school club, invited Chicago Public Schools senior Uriel Acuña to share his essay about growing up with an awareness of gun violence. Uriel loves basketball–and he really likes wearing jerseys.  But, Uriel realized, sometimes wearing the wrong piece of clothing can bring a young man trouble. Listen... Read more »