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Chicago Public Schools lets down Hancock College Prep with new building

This is the statement I prepared for the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education meeting today: This is the third time I stand before this governing body with the same request: Give Hancock College Prep the building our community deserves. We did not choose the title of Selective Enrollment.  The title fell on us.  In... Read more »

How Julián Castro Must Change to Be a Viable Presidential Candidate

On Saturday, Julián Castro announced his candidacy for president of the United States.  However, if Castro wants to be a viable  frontrunner, he needs to show us a mirror of the state we’re currently in as a nation and conjure a window where we can envision some escape from Trump’s volatile presidency. During his speech, Castro... Read more »

My Chicago Public Schools Students Give Trump’s Border Wall Address High Grades, Unfortunately

Trump focused on evoking anxiety, heartache, horror, distress, exasperation.  And my students disappointedly began to conclude that Trump achieved his rhetorical purpose: To convince Americans that there is a crisis at the border and funding for a wall should be approved so the government shutdown can end. “He makes this sound so simple,” Jose said. ... Read more »

Michelle Obama's Becoming misleads today's teens about success

The worst piece of advice those of us in our 40s or older can tell teenagers is this: “If I did it, you can do it.” Who knows? In the past 23 years of teaching in the Chicago Public Schools, maybe I said it to my students. But success requires more than ambition and hard work. Here’s... Read more »