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Teachers must be for gun control now

Teachers must be for gun control now
One thing I’ve learned in my twenty-two years as a Chicago Public Schools teacher is this: I carry the responsibility of making students feel safe in my classroom. This responsibility I—and all teachers–carry does not include carrying a gun. Yesterday, at a meeting with teen survivors and parents of the Florida school shooting, Trump said... Read more »

New study highlights the struggles and strengths of Latino teachers

During my 22 years as an educator in the Chicago Public Schools, I’ve been the first male Latino English teacher at every high school where I’ve taught, whether it was an alternative, Selective Enrollment, or neighborhood school. When I started at my current Southwest side high school, a student said she wasn’t accustomed to a... Read more »

How did Chicago Public Schools graduates make it to and through college with little guidance?

Before college minority-recruitment programs gained momentum in the 1990s, Chicago Public Schools students from neighborhood high schools who got to college mostly figured it out on their own. I know this because I was one of those students: low-income, first-generation, promising academically but lost when it came to getting to and through college.  Still, somehow... Read more »

Did Lady Bird adapt the Latina story from Real Women Have Curves?

To many Latino and Latina moviegoers, Lady Bird–which earned an Oscar nomination for Best Director–seems a little too familiar. I haven’t seen the movie yet; I probably won’t.  But many voices continue to point out that the movie about an outspoken daughter navigating a loving but turbulent relationship with her strong-willed mother during her  senior year of high... Read more »