Two Chicago Universities Establish Generous Scholarships for Undocumented Students

As Lisseth Perez completed her education in the Chicago Public Schools, she kept her undocumented status private even when her college counselor, a trusted resource in the school community, kept pushing her to opportunities for which she did not qualify.

It was late in her senior year of high school when Perez shared her status with school staff.

“They couldn’t help me because I wasn’t giving them the right information. It was difficult for them to help me because the deadlines for the scholarships for undocumented students passed,” Perez told Latino USA.

Perez, who had demonstrated academic excellence in high school and taken Advanced Placement classes, said she was “stuck with going to a community college.”

Then, the day of her senior prom in early June 2015, Perez got a phone call from Loyola University Chicago’s Arrupe College, a brand-new two-year college, saying they found money for her to attend. All she needed to do was pay a small deposit.

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