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What happened after I stopped drinking so damn much

I love liquor. I love how single-malt scotch, always neat, even in the summer, melts on the edges of my tongue the same way powered sugar melts on top of a warm dessert. But, we know, too much of good thing can be bad. I’m in my mid-40s now and I’ve seen doctors more often:... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools teacher recognized with award from Northwestern University

The most valuable recognition a teacher can receive is the one that comes from a student.  Thank you to my former Chicago Public Schools student Osbeyda Navarrette, a first-generation college student from Chicago’s Southwest side who will graduate from Northwestern University this June.       MEDIA CONTACT: Hilary Hurd Anyaso at 847-491-4887 or Read more »

Chicago Public Schools teen struggles with fear parents will be deported

This is an article I wrote for NPR’s Latino USA: For “Benjamin,” a pseudonym for a 16-year-old Latino boy (whose family shared their story on the condition they remain anonymous), the question if his parents are unexpectedly deported is a moral one:  “For the longest time, I’ve put my family first. But now, if my... Read more »

Mayor Emanuel wrong about new Chicago Public Schools graduation requirement

Today Mayor Emanuel proposed a new graduation requirement for Chicago Public Schools high-school students:  “proof they’ve been accepted into college or the military, or a trade or a ‘gap-year’ program . . . [or have] a job or a job offer,” according to a Chicago Tribune article. Mayor Emanuel, however, did not mention funding schools... Read more »