Chicago Public Schools teen struggles with fear parents will be deported

This is an article I wrote for NPR’s Latino USA:

For “Benjamin,” a pseudonym for a 16-year-old Latino boy (whose family shared their story on the condition they remain anonymous), the question if his parents are unexpectedly deported is a moral one:  “For the longest time, I’ve put my family first. But now, if my parents leave, do I go with them or leave them alone?”

As the youngest and only legal resident in the family, Benjamin is a natural-born U.S citizen. He does not know —or want to know— the struggle his parents faced near Mexico City in the early 90s.  He knows the opportunities here will not be found there.  So if one day the Trump administration’s policies force his parents to leave, he wonders, “Do I have nothing but have family or have something but no family?”

To read the rest of the article, visit Latino USA.

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