How Chicago Public Schools students challenge toxic gender expectations

Through a collaboration with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, I wrote about how I balance the academic part of teaching with meeting my students’ social-emotional needs in today’s world.

One assignment I developed for my junior English classes helps students engage in difficult conversations, without actually putting me at the forefront.

“Toxic masculinity” and “hyper-femininity,” I learned, are the contemporary terms for describing the ugly, exaggerated gender roles that perpetuate destructive behavior in males and females.

These aren’t the easiest topics for whole-class discussions, as they lead to related matters such as sexual abuse, binge drinking, eating disorders, and suppressed aggression.  But I’ve found ways to let my students do the talking in a comfortable setting.

To learn about this project and see my student’s public service announcements, visit the National Board’s blog: The Standard.



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