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What Chicago Public Schools students said to the Board of Education

What Chicago Public Schools students said to the Board of Education
On Wednesday, January 25, six students from Hancock College Prep–the only Selective Enrollment school on the Southwest side–spoke at the Chicago Public Schools Board of Education meeting. They definitely impressed the Board members with their statements.  It was time students’ voices got heard. In the Chicago Public Schools, we tell our students that they’re good... Read more »

How to give writing feedback to students efficiently

In any learning situation, we deepen our learning when we receive meaningful, individualized feedback. So in my high-school writing classes, I would love it if I could give my Chicago Public Schools students individualized feedback on their writing projects. But I have over 120 students this year. So even if I spent three minutes writing... Read more »

The Obama Farewell speech failed to inspire

I turned off the Obama Farewell speech at its conclusion in my hometown feeling dejected and uninspired. As an Obama supporter, I expected insights and inspiration to deal with the next four—and hopefully not eight—years. But the Obama Farewell speech came off not as the call the action he promised but as a history lecture... Read more »

How weight training reminded me what good teaching is

In October, I decided I to join a neighborhood gym to help me prepare for the winter blues. I abhor these January days with cold that hurts.  The sun disappears early and I can’t go for runs outside. I need the sun. Doctors say this seasonal sadness originates from a lack of serotonin, that chemical... Read more »