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Top 5 blog posts about Chicago Public Schools in 2016

Thank you to everyone who read this blog in 2016.  As the country faced struggles, educators in Chicago Public Schools also faced some difficult times.  With support and good conversation, we continued to challenge people’s misperceptions about education in this city. The White Rhino Blog ends the year with 1,284 people who liked the Facebook... Read more »

Why men of color need to do more than work hard

Had whatever power controls the universe given me a different life, I’d be one of those men who believes that in this country, hard work is all you need for a successful life. I wouldn’t understand that being at the right place at the right time matters. I grew up middle-class on Chicago’s Southwest side in... Read more »

Teachers should not assign homework during winter break

Last week, a DNAInfoChicago article highlighted that some top high schools in the Chicago Public Schools established a “no homework” policy during winter and spring break.  I agree.  All schools should adopt this policy. There is misconception that making students work nonstop equals rigor and, therefore, provides a better education.  A student currently at one... Read more »