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Chicago Public Schools students reveal resilience

One of the most valuable experiences of being a teacher in the Chicago Public Schools is watching my high-school students challenge the public narratives others have written about them. My students don’t see themselves as victims or powerless people.  Sure, they fear, they dream, they doubt.  But they persevere in ways that should inspire us.... Read more »

Stop expecting academia to love you

I read a disturbing description of poor judgment on a teacher’s—a professor’s—part. In class, in front of all the students, a Suffolk University professor challenged the authenticity of a student’s writing. A skeptical professor handed the undergraduate student Tiffany Martinez a graded assignment that questioned her use of the transition word “hence.” The professor wrote “This... Read more »

Why teachers cannot remain neutral about the presidential election

The Chicago Public Schools Code of Ethics prohibits teachers from engaging in any political activity while on the clock. Therefore, teachers are expected to remain neutral in their political views so as not to indoctrinate students. We cannot wear political buttons or display endorsements of any candidate. This makes sense. Students should think for themselves... Read more »

Why people inherently dislike Chicago Public Schools teachers

It’s a tough weekend for Chicago Public Schools teachers—and it won’t get any easier if we go on strike this Tuesday. But if we do not strike, it won’t be any easy either. Whatever happens, CPS teachers will continue to get criticized like no other teachers in any Illinois district. The city wants teachers to... Read more »