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Chicago Public Schools students react to Chicago Teachers Union strike on April 1

Today, I gave my Chicago Public Schools journalism students (juniors and seniors) an opportunity to understand and evaluate a few of the contradicting perspectives about the Chicago Teachers Union strike tomorrow, April 1.  As I’ve learned, when dealing with controversial topics in the classroom, it’s important to ground the conversation in texts. I selected these... Read more »

A Chicago Public Schools teacher tries to make sense of CTU strike vote. But can’t.

A one day protest should not be this complicated and this unclear.  I get the big idea: to convince our local and national leaders to fund education fairly.  I get the “what.”  But I’m still searching, as I have been, for a clear understanding of the “how” and the “why.” I’ve offered feedback to Chicago... Read more »

What Arne Duncan misunderstands about his new Chicago role

How wonderfully privileged that Arne Duncan can pick and choose his causes and decide what he’ll do, how he’ll do it, and who he’ll do it with—and who he won’t do it with.  I listened to former Chicago Public Schools CEO and Secretary of Education Arne Duncan’s interview on Chicago Public Radio this evening. Arne (I... Read more »

How low-income students at elite colleges create their own obstacles

Today, I came across a Boston Globe article from almost a year ago that highlighted the challenges many low-income students at Ivy League colleges face.  The article’s title emphasized the students’ economic status: “What it’s like to be poor at an Ivy League School?” But after reading it a few times, after exchanging ideas on social... Read more »