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How I fight the winter blues: Mexican music and a blue pen help

In January, the coldest days occur when the entire blue sky extends without a cloud.  My father, who admires the stars, told me that without clouds, any warmth on Earth escapes. I abhor these January days with cold that hurts.  The winter blues for me are real.  Doctors say this seasonal sadness originates from lack... Read more »

If you're a teacher, say "please" and "thank you"

In all the years I’ve taught in the Chicago Public Schools, I cannot recall a time when the art of teaching—the art of good teaching—has been strategically watered down to one thing: compliance.  A recent NPR story covered a “No-Nonsense” approach to teaching where teachers do not say “please” or “thank you.”  Directions are bluntly... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools graduate makes documentary about black and Latino stereotypes

It’s always inspiring when I run into a former student pursing a big dream.  Sergio Gutierrez, my former Chicago Public schools student, decided against a business degree and, instead, pursued a communications career.  He’s focused now on producing films. In his short documentary Judgment, Gutierrez explores contemporary black and Latino stereotypes due to the lack... Read more »