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Chicago Public Schools student fights leukemia and car accident injuries

Chicago Public Schools student Juan Melendez was diagnosed with leukemia and continues to undergo treatment.  In September, sadly, he was in a serious car accident that left with with severe brain trauma.  To help with medical bills, his sister set up a GoFundMe page to help them with the bills.  Read about Juan, below.  And... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools teacher asks: is good teaching attainable every day?

Today was a good teaching day.  I don’t think I did anything extraordinary.  I did my job. In AP English Language, we’re studying the effect emotions have on our decision-making process.  It takes me HOURS to plan lessons students value. And when I’m teaching–BAM! I know it was worth it. But I’m drained. I have... Read more »

One solution to homework in English classes

I hate homework.  I hate grading it.  And I hate situations where the next day’s lesson depends on students reading or writing something.  If they don’t read or write it, I’m the one who suffers.  Plus, assigning homework requires a complex organizational system and lots of copies so students know what they have to do—without... Read more »