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4 truths Trump supporters need to remember

I hesitated to write a commentary about Donald Trump because of the Spanish saying, “No le quiero dar importancia.” I don’t think he’s worth my time. But after his arrogant behavior at a recent Iowa press conference—where he kicked out a prominent Latino journalist Jorge Ramos—I remembered a few lessons I learned in my 20s... Read more »

A eulogy for my uncle, a mariachi

Tomorrow, we lay my uncle Ruben H. Vázquez to rest.  This is the eulogy I prepared to honor his life. It would be unfair to let sadness dominate the memories of my uncle. My tío was a man who always smiled and who used his gift of singing to bring happiness to others. While he... Read more »

Hurricane Katrina survivor responds to insensitive Chicago Tribune editorial

In 2008-2009, David Kaplinsky was my student in the Chicago Public Schools after his family fled New Orleans because of Hurricane Katrina and relocated here ten years ago.  This is his view of the the Chicago Tribune‘s editorial written by Kristen McQueary where she finds herself “wishing a storm for Chicago” a “swirl of fury”... Read more »

Teaching writing on the side of coffee cup

Teaching writing on the side of coffee cup
This post of part of a collaboration with the National Board for Professional Teaching Standards’ blog: The Standard. Writing matters to students when they see how words survive in the real world. Yes, our classrooms are the real world. But if the writing in class does not connect to students’ hearts and minds and what... Read more »

Chicago teachers tell classroom stories at Catalyst-Chicago event

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On June 19, Catalyst-Chicago held its third Classroom Story Slam as part of its twenty-fifth anniversary celebrating education reporting. The idea behind this event, according to Founder and Publisher Linda Lenz, is relationship building and inspiration. A number of teachers, including me, told stories about leadership.  Watch the video to see and hear these valuable experiences.... Read more »