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Why education reporting is REALLY so boring

An associate education editor at the Atlantic wrote a piece today explaining why education reporting is so boring.  Alia Wong explains that it’s because of the words. “Edu-speak—the incomprehensible babble used to describe what are often relatively straightforward teaching methods, learning styles, and classroom designs is plaguing the country’s schools.” Instead of helping everyone understand... Read more »

How Chicagoans Celebrate Three Kings' Day

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On January 6, Latino and Latin American Catholics celebrate Three Kings’ Day, or the Epiphany: the day three wise men from the East visited Baby Jesus.  It used to be that children in Latin America received gifts not on Christmas but on this feast day instead.  Before they fell asleep, children placed a pair of... Read more »

How to celebrate students' writing

We often forget to celebrating students’ writing.  Sometimes, after drafts and revisions, struggles and even tears, we move on to the next big writing assignment because we’re afraid of falling behind.  Or a celebration implies food and drink and (let’s be honest) this adds up for a typical high-school teacher who has about 150 students.... Read more »