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Chicago Public Schools students explain why Obama's Ferguson speech failed

I heard President Obama’s statement about Ferguson last night and trusted my gut: something wasn’t right, something in the speech didn’t work.  Based on social media reactions, I knew I wasn’t the only one.  Still, I knew there was some teachable moment buried in the nation’s frustration.  After Obama’s immigration executive order, I wrote a... Read more »

Chicago Public Schools students react to Obama's immigration executive order: teaching controversial issues in the classroom

Teaching writing allows me numerous opportunities to help students see how what we read and write matters in the real world outside of our classroom.  Yesterday, I gave students the opportunity to understand and react to President Obama’s speech about his immigration executive order.  The approach I used in class with my Chicago Public Schools... Read more »

Loyola University Chicago hosts Mexican Catholics conference

Today and tomorrow, Loyola University Chicago hosts a national conference about Mexican Catholics. Through the Center for the Catholic Intellectual Heritage, this year’s  Chicago Catholic Immigrants Conference focuses on Mexican Catholics.  I’ll speak on a panel Saturday about Our Lady of Guadalupe. The sessions focus on the historical, cultural, and religious roles that Roman Catholicism... Read more »