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Stop assigning schools by students' addresses

This fall will be the first in which white students are no longer the majority population in U.S. public schools. Although this demographic shift had been anticipated for some time, the question remains whether, or how, schools should respond.   As part of OpEducation‘s roundtable blog, I explain what  policymakers should keep in mind as... Read more »

Why my children attend THIS Chicago charter school

As parents, our responsibility is to ensure our children receive the best education possible.  While I believe in neighborhood schools and teach in one, our Southwest side Chicago public school did not match our needs.  One November evening, my wife and I sat in our living room after our two children fell asleep.  We made... Read more »

Many Illinois teachers lack credentials?

In another example of inflammatory education reporting, the Chicago Tribune today reported that “many teachers lack credentials.”  In the 5-year analysis reported by Diane Rado and Christy Gutowski, a handful of—literally 4 to 5—examples are meant to highlight what comes off—after looking closely at the data provided—as a pseudo-crisis that devalues public education.  Again. To... Read more »