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Chicago Public Schools CEO announces Latino Advisory Committee--without any Latino teachers

In her January newsletter to teachers, Chicago Public Schools CEO Barbara Byrd-Bennett announced a Latino Advisory Committee designed to “provide counsel in the following focus areas in particular: Early Childhood Education, Teacher Certification, Dual Language Programming, Seal of Bi-literacy, ELL Funding and Accountability, and Interdisciplinary Latino Curriculum.”  Despite the fact that the decisions will completely... Read more »

Chicago 3rd grade student argues homework is unnecessary

This guest post is by 8-year-old Adrian Salazar, my son. Each evening, I don’t want to do homework.  Many days, I spend more than one hour doing homework.  My hands get tired.  This is why students don’t need homework, so they can relax, play, and watch television. Without homework, students can relax.  For example, students... Read more »