Chicago 3rd grade student argues homework is unnecessary

This guest post is by 8-year-old Adrian Salazar, my son.

Each evening, I don’t want to do homework.  Many days, I spend more than one hour doing homework.  My hands get tired.  This is why students don’t need homework, so they can relax, play, and watch television.

Without homework, students can relax.  For example, students can write books.  Furthermore, I am writing a book.  Also, students can relax on their beds.  On their beds, they can read.  Finally, they can do nothing.

Without homework, I could play.  For example, I can play Minecraft.  Furthermore, I can create whatever I want.  Also, I can play WWE All Stars.  I have  a good time playing.  Finally, I can play with my wrestling figures and have many championship wrestling matches.

Without homework, I can watch television.  For example, I can watch Diary of a Wimpy Kid.  Furthermore, I can watch all of the Diary of a Wimpy Kid movies.   Also, I can watch Lego Star Wars.  I need to watch more episodes because I’ve only seen one episode. Finally, I can see if a famous person competes on Wipeout.

Many people believe that homework is important because it helps you with your schoolwork.  However, without homework, I would feel free because I don’t have to do anything.  In conclusion, I can relax, play, and watch television.

Adrian Salazar is a 3rd grade student at Namaste Charter School.


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