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Google Doodles Cesar Chavez on Sunday, March 31

Google Doodles Cesar Chavez on Sunday, March 31
Google is renowned for its doodles, the images embedded into the search engine’s logo on special occasions.  This Easter—March 31—Google is not recognizing the spiritual or secular holiday.  Instead, for the first time, Google recognizes Cesar Chavez, the farm worker, the union leader, the Chicano. While this doodle may upset more people than John Lennon’s... Read more »

How I teach to the test in the Chicago Public Schools

Contributing to low scores by ignoring the skills on standardized tests perpetuates the classist, racist, sexist views many activists claim to be fighting against.   High school CPS students and teachers are in crunch mode the next few weeks—19 days to the ACT.  18 days.  17.  The countdown continues. It reminds me of the first... Read more »

Chicago public schools teacher wins national education reporting award

The Education Writers Association is pleased to announce the winners of the 2012 National Awards for Education Reporting, recognizing dogged journalism, accomplished storytelling, and insightful analysis produced by print, radio and online media outlets across the country.  The 62 winning entries, chosen from among hundreds of submissions, came from newsrooms as small as nursery schools... Read more »