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How to help students overcome violence

The sadness, the outrage of 15-year-old Chicago Public Schools student Hadiya Pendleton’s death by shooting continues a grim story that is overly familiar in our city, in our nation. People are killed too easily by guns. For the third time, I’ve updated and published this post of a former student who is overcoming the violent... Read more »

How a U.S. guest worker program worked before

With the Obama administration and the bipartisan senate Gang of Eight poised to move on comprehensive immigration reform soon, which may include an agricultural guest worker program, our country has much to learn from our labor history.  During WWII, the Bracero program allowed Mexican men to enter our country legally to harvest fields.  This is... Read more »

Immigration reform high point of Obama's inauguration address

There is a point in any engaging text, whether visual, spoken, or read, where the organization of ideas reaches a high point.  And everything changes.  In short stories, novels, and poems, this turn happens two-thirds into the text, at the end of that section.  In a 90-minute movie, it happens at the 60-minute mark. In today’s... Read more »

Chicago public school with no heat stays open

Chicago public school with no heat stays open
The Chicago Public Schools college-prep experience means different things in different parts of our city.  This summer, Hancock High School on the city’s Southwest Side regained its “college prep” title.  Hancock had this title when it opened at the former Lourdes High School location near 55th and Pulaski in 1998.  Then . . it just... Read more »