If You Don't Know, Ask the Mayor at Monday's Town Hall Meeting

If You Don't Know, Ask the Mayor at Monday's Town Hall Meeting

The info below is from a press release about the mayor’s second live Facebook Town Hall this Monday.  The focus–education.  Submit your questions or watch using one of the links below.

Thanks to my blog, I got an invitation to be in the studio audience.  Look for a post on here shortly after the event.

“Mayor Rahm Emanuel announced that he will be holding a second live Facebook Town Hall meeting with Chicagoans, centered around a conversation on education, on January 23 at 6:30 PM; leading up to the event the public is encouraged to submit education-related questions and vote for questions to ask the Mayor at www.AskChicago.org.”

Here are some of the questions asked so far:

–Why not allow all accredited parochial schools to be charter schools?

–Why were gifted programs removed from neighborhood schools and are there any plans on including them again?

–How can you expect to keep quality educators in CPS when they see you blatantly violate their contract by refusing to implement a contractually negotiated raise?

–Doesn’t closing schools add instability to children’s lives?

The town hall can be viewed at www.facebook.com/chicagomayorsoffice or www.livestream.com/chicagomayorsoffice.

What would you ask the mayor?

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