The Why Behind the What...

keep calmAs the title says, our goal here is to find a space where we're free to "whistle while we work" and actually enjoy the work at hand!  It doesn't matter if you're a front line customer service rep or the VP of Customer Relations, we all need to find the place where we look forward to get to work!

In today's professional world, we are consistently being given more to-do with the only reward being asked TO DO EVEN MORE!  The kicker is that we're being given less resources to do all this extra work with!  I have been working in this climate for the past twenty years in both the Corporate and Small Business worlds.  Let me tell you, this trend is not unique and is very much in vogue from coast to coast!

I am excited to share ideas of  ways to float above these troubled waters!  You wanna know the best part?  It's not complicated.  It's not expensive and best of all, you'll have great fun doing it!

As mentioned before, I have been responsible for motivating teams for the majority of my professional career.  Most recently, my family and I were moved to this great City of Chicago so that I could "turn around" and "clean up" a team that was responsible for the largest market in our company.  I am happy to report the team within months of my arrival was moving as a unit toward our goals.  did I use drugs?  Bribery...well kind of!  Read along and we'll discuss all kinds of tactics and ideas that have worked over the years!

My goal here is to also create a virtual community where we will share our successes and failures!  Our struggles and our victories should be on display and we as a group can get better and ultimately more successful.  With that said, I need you the reader to react, call out questions and raise concerns or questions.   Like the best meetings and teams we need to have open communication and a willingness to open ourselves to new ideas and even being a little silly once in a while!  Like my title says, we need to get into the Whistling Free Zone.