Take note - #allLIESmatter

Full disclosure, I took #allLIESmatter from the View’s Joy Behar this morning.  It resonated with me immediately.  Especially in light of the fact that my kids seem to be quickly learning the art of “alternative facts.”  I mean, how do I tell them not to lie when our fucking President does. And, not occasionally lie either.  We’re talking lies about everything.  Tweeted lies.  Verbal lies.  Lies from his people. He is our Liar in Chief.  So when I scold my kids for fudging the truth I feel it’s a bit hollow now.  What kind of a crock of shit are we living in these days?  Oh and the best part?  We’ve got years of this shit.  YEARS.  Fucking YEARS.

Oh and don’t get me started on the fact that he’s also bullying anyone and everyone possible.  Department Stores? Sure.  Immigrants? Uh…Ya!  Women?  His favorite!  Just look at his profile picture.  It looks as though he’s trying to act tough in a stupid yearbook picture.  Pathetic.  That is what I think of our Government right now.  They are cutting all possible threats away so they can simply sell off everything they can to make a quick dollar.  Think I’m full of it?  Look at his wife’s lawsuit.  It basically says that she’s expecting millions of dollars from this “job.”   A job that she apparently isn’t doing.  No one has heard from her or her “staff” about her supposed bullying project.  She’s too busy costing us the American taxpayers millions by living away from her orange flavored hate puppet.

But let’s focus on the bright side.  Our orange nightmare is a walking talking impeachment fire.  And, As long as our brothers and sisters in the legal community have the moxie to stand up and continue the lawsuit train we stand a chance.  Have you joined the ACLU?  Do so here.  They are leading the charge for us!

Okay, time for me to ask you for something.  How are you fighting?  How can we join forces and pound against the hateful establishment?

Remember – #allLIESmatter



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