You Better Watch Out...

You Better Watch Out...

I’m confident our near future is going to be a complete roller coaster ride. I mean since Trump won, people are more than happy to show off their true ugly colors. Whether it be a racist grandma yelling at Latinos in a JC Penny or Jackass airline passengers having Arab men tossed off a plane because they dared mentioned a word in a different language, people don’t give a fuck. Did I mention those two examples are just from today’s headlines? Cause they are.

I’ve been struggling with this, and other factors that have blow into view since the shit storm that is Trump came to town. This dude is like a bizarro and evil Santa Claus. He rewards the bad boys and girls. Well if they have money. And seemingly shits on anyone who dares abide by the rules. I’m sure Trump’s favorite Christmas song is “White Christmas.”

From my family to yours…. Happy Holidays!

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