In other news - Trump drops bombs

In other news - Trump drops bombs

Why do news outlets, in their many forms seem to be 100% consistent in covering the WRONG story these days? Today, Ivanka Trump got all the clicks and eyeballs while her pop talked about playing the very retro game of THERMAL NUCLEAR WAR! One story is about someone getting pissed and acting like an ass while the other is about the call to step up the apocalypse game.o

My major question? Why the hell is Ivanka flying coach on Jet Blue? I mean, is she trying to teach her gold plated children that dirty folks climb into a plane filled with other dirty people they don’t know? Or does this whole thing smell as fishy as clearance sushi?

Attention major media types…do some reporting…stop covering the food habits of celebrities. Or more specifically, lack of food. Stop looking into Hillary’s emails while the Russians pick our digital pockets. Get to work! I’m sure there are some Non-Millennials there ready to put some pen to paper!  You know, breaking some actual news.  Find someone doing something and REPORT IT!  Quit telling us what people are wearing or who tweeted what.  I have twitter, I can read those myself.  Time to earn your keep!

Thanks in advance – signed PLANET EARTH

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