Calling all ghosts from Christmas past, present and future!

Calling all ghosts from Christmas past, present and future!

I think it’s finally time for the ghosts from past, present and future to visit our President Elect. He needs to see that when he dies, we’ll all know his gold plated gravestone will be covered with snow and boast a hole that leads straight to hell. Hell seems harsh, but come on. We know it’s because he sold his soul to get where he’s at now. Ugh! How stupid are we as a country to get him elected? He has NO chance of doing anything, other than stripping our country for every available penny. He will then place it in his own personal gold piggy bank and leave the regular folks without a pot to piss in.

So I’ll say it again. The ghosts need to show this boob that his pathetic veneer of a life is a threat to all of us. Look, he can do whatever he wants. Oops, no that should be he COULD do anything he wanted until he decided to become President. Now he is responsible for all of us and our future generations. That should scare the shit out of you. It scares me to death. I have zero faith in him. Sure, he could surprise us all and do something positive. But, I’m not going to hold my breath for any such development.

In the vein of Holiday cheer. I’m going to ask for only one thing from the jolly old fat man…a do over via the Electoral College!

I’ve been a good boy! Promise!

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