WTF - Trump America?

WTF - Trump America?

So we elected a fucking nightmare. Not in my lifetime have I felt so disgusted with our country. Trump isn’t up to the task. He wanted a win to show all of us how important he is. However, he will now hold our most powerful position. Guess what? He’s going to sell off and undo all things accomplished in the last decades. Rich people will get richer. Everyone else heads up, we’re fucked. Policies aren’t going to make “tremendous” jobs. You’ve been had. Our national treasures will be sold off to the highest bidder. People other than those of the whitest of color have already begun feeling the pain of this election. Reports of attacks on minorities are already break. Oh, and for those scoring at home – I am white as the driven snow.

Sadly, I know my sorrow can’t compare to what my “darker” friends around the country are feeling still. What a disgusting night. However, I am hopeful about our country when I see people taking the streets across the country to protest our president-elect.

I hope I break out of my funk soon but it’s still going strong. Any sight of our orange nightmare makes me ill.

I’ve heard and read similar fears among friends across the country.
How are you dealing with this election?

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