Is unsafe the new normal?

Is unsafe the new normal?
As a large white guy, I’m normally pretty free of fear within my surroundings.  That’s not meant to be braggadocios but merely stating a fact.  I’ll never forget when my wife, sitting in our weekly life coaching session (fancy way to say therapist), shared with me the fear that most women carry.  That no matter how nice the guy or area, there is an underlying fear about what “could” happen.  I was shocked I hadn’t known this before and immediately realized I had taken this safety blanket for granted.
Don’t get me wrong.  I’m a scaredy cat when it comes to most things. I’ve suffered from PTSD since childhood.  Unexpected sounds or situations can really freak me out.  However, since becoming a father I have shed many of those silly fears I carried for years.  I mean, I used to sleep with a flashlight next to my bed for most of my life.  But when my kids were born I found the motivation to ditched them.
However, the news since the election last week has pained me in almost every way.  Kids being harassed.  Teachers being harassed while others are harassing their students.  Violence, graffiti, and vandalism against people that aren’t “lily white” are just part of our new daily lives?
You know what?  Fuck that!
I will not accept that this is how things are now.  We are better than this.  Or at least many of us are.
So, I’m asking you what is your plan to take back our country?
Protests? They are rolling around the country.
Calling government officials?  Well underway.
Heck, my family may even hit DC to protest the Inauguration
Who’s with me?

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